Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big Dog: Doesn't Understand Why America Does Business with the Saudi Decapitators

Yes, he actually is this stoopid:

I would never let my wife go to one of those filthy places for any reason, business or not.
BD doesn't seem terribly concerned about American female soldiers being stationed in such places! He continues:

First of all I would not want her around all those filthy, smelly, camel jockeys. Second of all I would not take kindly to my wife being treated improperly by these stone aged barbarians. I can’t understand why anyone does business there and certainly cannot understand how people tolerate the backstabbing goat herders they pass off as men.

I guess he forgot - if that's actually possible - that they're the world's largest oil producer and America needs to feed it's oil addiction; therefore we cozy up to fundamentalist monarchs, along with assorted other oil producing dictatorships. I guess Big Dog (who suffers from Clinton Derangement Syndrome and therefore strangely shares the same nickname as Bill Clinton) won't be spurred to actual action and call his representatives demanding the development of alternative sources of energy so that we can stop financing the corrupt Saudi monarchy, which in turn finances the Sunni insurgency in his favorite war. Wait... I know he'll call for drilling in Alaska, which will buy us, oh, 1 year worth of oil maybe. I'm sure he'll also suggest coal plants with voluntary pollution controls - in another community, of course.

But in the end, he's barking at the moon, as usual. He will NEVER address the deep and long-standing business relationships between the Bush family and the Saudi monarchy (and bin Ladens). He won't give up his gas guzzler to stick it to the Saudis. He'll happily give them his money and won't say a word when Bush sells them $20,000,000,000 worth of weapons.

When forced to reconcile his political choices & his lifestyle with the uncomfortable reality that he's funding the decapitators, he'll fall into line and do whatever the hell Bush tells him to do. And he'll be grateful for the disinformation his right wing sources give him.

Big Dog is good sheeple. Racist, too, as the ignorant, sweeping diatribe above demonstrates.


Big Dog said...

The so called Bush Saudi family has been debunked in a number of places. Guys like you and Micheal Moore made illogical leaps based on 6 degrees of separation. I guess you are going to tell me the bin Laden family hada secret jet to get them out of here after 9/11.

Female soldiers joined the service and they have weapons to defend themselves.

As for my so called racist remarks, tell these bastards to stop living in the stone age and they will be treated like humans.

We get oil from a lot of places including Canada and Venezuela. We could dictate the terms if we wanted to and it has nothing to do with some contrived Bush family ties.

Billy Joe said...

big Dog,

Can't you at least provide evidence debunking the bush-Saudi/bin Laden ties?

Obviously you're statements aren't believable without supporting evidence. Your arguments get dismantled time and again.

At least I provided links.

I'd be interested in knowing how we could 'dictate' the terms of the oil trade. If we could, why don't we and save American consumers billions of dollars? It's probably because people like you would rather give your money to the most profitable corporation in the world, right?

Big Dog said...

I use to provide you links all the time but unless they said what you wanted you discounted them. Oh, that is a right wing rag, they are in Bush's pocket, they lie, they are not credible. You have no more or less credible sources but when I present them you discount them because they do not agree with you. Here is a link. Before you jerk off laughing that it is NewsMax, the story they are reporting is from NewsWeek. Mewsweek is not exactly a right wing publication:

You have never dismantled any argument. You think you have because you just say you did. You claim that a source is not good enough and then you say I lie and call me names. I used to think you were intelligent. Now I think you are mentally disabled.

Certainly we could just take the Iranian oil like you all said we would or we could stop buying from Saudi, invest in Canada, drill in ANWR and the Gulf and build more refineries.

Exxon does not control the price of oil. It is a global commodity and it is controlled by the world market. Exxon (I assume that is who you mean) has made the most money in raw dollars but its profit margin is about 11%. They are involved in a lot of business and they invest billions in many things (like 2 million dollars for malaria medication in Africa). They make 8 or 10 cents a gallon from gas but they sell jet fuel, oil, lubricants and many other items. They are a business and they deserve to make money.

Who do you suppose will foot the bill for that explosion over the weekend? The company takes the risks. Buy their stocks like all the Democrats in Congress who complain all the way to the bank.

Billy Joe said...

I tried reading your wacky NewsMax link but it didn't take me anywhere. If it was originally in Newsweek though, why not just go to the source since you know I think NewsMax is a joke? I'm guessing it's because it wasn't a link to a Newsweek article it was actually something that marginally used some newsweek material in an attempt to make it look 'newsy'. It happens constantly in the right wing blogosphere (and in the right wing media) - Stephen Colbert calls it 'truthiness'.

My links generally link to legitimate non-partisan news sources. I even put in a link in my most recent post which links to Christianity Today!

I guess the name calling gets under your skin? I apologize if it does. You know, I'd stop if you stopped but on your own blog you don't have any problem throwing names around ('faggot' 'Satan' 'Camel Jockey', etc.) so I just figure if it's good for the goose...

Valiant defense of Exxon, by the way. They must think it's hilarious that they have customers who defend their world-record-breaking profits and $400 million CEO salaries as average people get hammered by higher fuel prices. Their $2M malaria program is OK, but their simultaneous indifference (and occasional support) to corrupt governments that allow them to cause large scale environmental damage in the same African countries easily outweighs the $2million malaria program. Sort of like the $10+ billion of *missing* US taxpayer dollars in Iraq outweighs one of our soldiers handing out 20 soccer balls to Iraqi children (who you'd probably accuse of being Islamofascists), wouldn't you say?