Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grover Norquist, Anti-Tax Crusading GOP Ultra-Insider, Employed ILLEGAL (!) at His Organization

Big Dog, what's the verdict? Throw Norquist in jail for hiring ILLEGALS?

Immigration experts said that when it hired Kamburowski, the Norquist organization either failed to comply with federal laws requiring it to verify his work status or was badly hoodwinked.

"The guy was working here illegally and living here illegally," said San Francisco immigration attorney Martin Lawler, who reviewed the case for The Chronicle. "... Either they were really
sloppy in checking, or he conned them, or they knew...."

With control of illegal immigration a hot-button topic for Republicans in the 2008 election, the apparent violation by one of the nation's leading conservative voices underscores the
challenges of the issue, political insiders say.

The Kamburowski case "shows that the illegal immigration debate is far more complicated than just a bunch of people coming across the Mexican border," said Bill Whalen, Hoover Institution research fellow and Republican strategist. "It's an onion with so many layers to it, and it's not simple as saying 'Build a fence and deal with the Mexican problem.' "

Norquist was also one of Jack Abramoff's money launderers, by the way. Read it and weep, sucker. These are the criminals who dupe 'conservatives' time and again as 'conservatives' stupidly applaud their own fleecing. Don't believe me? Read their own e-mails that were made public during the Abramoff hearings/trial. These leading 'Conservatives' refer to the Republican base as Christian 'wackos'.


Always On Watch said...

More on Grover Norquist, here and here.

Billy Joe said...

Thanks for the links. I already knew Norquist was a supporter of strengthening Muslim-US relations and had taken money from some 'terrorist' organizations in the past. Imagine the outcry if a Dem would have done it! Right-wingers only care about it when non-Republicans do it though. They also don't usually know about this stuff because they're busy speculating on more important matters, like flag lapel pins and the like.

The first link is inexplicably weird.