Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Dog, Republicans would rather rebuild Iraq than America

Notice the howling on the right about how the stimulus bill will supposedly bankrupt us?

Notice how the amounts being discussed for the stimulus package are about as much as has been spent/allocated/wasted/lost in Iraq? Here is one Iraq war cost counter:


This is a pretty conservative figure as it excludes the costs of a lifetime of caring for wounded vets, replacing equipment, eventual withdrawal, etc. In fact, the war, which, according to it's defenders, was the result of 'intelligence mistakes' will almost certainly have costs exceeding at least $1 Trillion. I defy anyone to find any Republican besides Ron Paul who has EVER decried the unending waste of US tax dollars (not to mention lives) in the rudderless Iraq war.

You'll never hear wingnuts & Republicans talk about this though. They'd rather rebuild Iraq than America.

Why don't they do us all a favor and move to Iraq since they love it more than they love America?

Monday, March 24, 2008

More jumping to ridiculous conclusions by big Dog

This is a perfect glimpse into the mind & logic of a moronic wingnut. As usual, the wingnut in question, big Dog, has chosen not to publish my comment because he's too delicate to be called out on his blog.

You'll note that it's a photo of Hillary Clinton standing in front of a banner that appears to say 'Count' but Hillary blocks the 'o' so it reads C*nt.

big Dog then demonstrates his intellectual laziness by saying the following about the photo:

I do not know if this is real or shopped but if it is real I am absolutely certain the photographer took this angle on purpose.

The amazing thing is that the photograph has a certain truth to it, like it was karma or something…

So, to review, big Dog has no idea if the photo has been photoshopped but proceeds to say that it's amazing that the photo has a certain truth (not humor or offensiveness) to it, like 'it was karma or something'.

Watch his blog for this pattern. He often jumps to such sweeping, invalid conclusions - it's 'karma or something' - in spite of the fact that he's not even sure if the photo (or evidence or data) are authentic.

This probably mirrors the reason he (and his low-IQ commentors) accept Christianity, as well. An analogy would be him getting bitten by a snake and not getting sick. It's not that the snake might not be poisonous - it's that God saved him!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Iranian President Ahmadinejad Given Warm Welcome in Baghdad. Does this mean we're winning?

The Iranian President visited Iraq and didn't even bother sneaking in like a scared little girl like our own President. I guess this is just yet more evidence of the 'success' that the right wing is always boasting about. Speaking of Iraq and the right wing, they sure don't write about the war much anymore, do they?

Anyhow, regarding Ahmadinejad's trip, this news report said:

The trip by Ahmadinejad, who once fought Saddam Hussein's Sunni-dominated regime as a member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, was a dramatic illustration of one of the unintended consequences of the 2003 U.S. invasion - the replacement of Saddam with Shiite forces closely allied to the cleric-led Islamic republic next door. [My comment: Who would have ever thought this would happen? Oh right, all sorts of people! Even this crazy moonbat, from before the war even started (watch from 1:44:50).]

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, a Sunni Kurd, greeted Ahmadinejad with an honor guard and a band that played both countries' national anthems. The two held hands at the red-carpet welcome ceremony in a traditional display of friendship. Talabani told Ahmadinejad to call him "Uncle Jalal," as he known in Iraq's Kurdish north.

Talabani said he and Ahmadinejad discussed economic, political, security and oil issues and planned to sign several unspecified agreements.

"We had very good talks that were friendly and brotherly,"
Ahmadinejad said. "We have mutual understandings and views in all fields, and both sides plan to improve relations as much as possible."

Then he cut through the Green Zone to visit al-Maliki in his Cabinet offices. The sprawling, American-controlled zone contains a massive new U.S. embassy and is heavily protected against occasional rocket attacks, which the Americans have
blamed on Iranian-backed Shiite extremists.

Ahmadinejad denied the charges at least twice during the day.
"Such accusations increase the problems of the Americans in the region," he said.

Al-Maliki said Ahmadinejad's visit was "an expression of the strong desire of enhancing relations and developing mutual
interests after the past tension during the dictatorship era."

About 1 million people died in the catastrophic war that erupted after Saddam invaded Iran in 1980. But when Saddam's regime fell to the U.S.-led invasion and Iraq's Shiite majority took power, long-standing ties between the Shiites of both countries flourished again.

Ahmadinejad said he was "very pleased with his visit to an Iraq not ruled by a dictator," and stressed that Iran wanted a stable Iraq that would benefit the region.

"A united Iraq, a sovereign Iraq and an advanced Iraq is to the benefit of all regional nations and the people of Iran," he said.
He announced the dates of his visit in advance, landed at Baghdad International Airport in daylight and drove through the capital, albeit in a heavily guarded convoy, on a relatively quiet day. Iraqi forces provided security.

President Bush's visits are typically a surprise and involve trips to U.S. military bases, like his journey to an air base in Anbar province last September.

Isn't this exactly what wingnuts were hoping would not happen? Am I still not allowed to say that our President is a failure, based on his own objectives? Mission accomplished, indeed!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grover Norquist, Anti-Tax Crusading GOP Ultra-Insider, Employed ILLEGAL (!) at His Organization

Big Dog, what's the verdict? Throw Norquist in jail for hiring ILLEGALS?

Immigration experts said that when it hired Kamburowski, the Norquist organization either failed to comply with federal laws requiring it to verify his work status or was badly hoodwinked.

"The guy was working here illegally and living here illegally," said San Francisco immigration attorney Martin Lawler, who reviewed the case for The Chronicle. "... Either they were really
sloppy in checking, or he conned them, or they knew...."

With control of illegal immigration a hot-button topic for Republicans in the 2008 election, the apparent violation by one of the nation's leading conservative voices underscores the
challenges of the issue, political insiders say.

The Kamburowski case "shows that the illegal immigration debate is far more complicated than just a bunch of people coming across the Mexican border," said Bill Whalen, Hoover Institution research fellow and Republican strategist. "It's an onion with so many layers to it, and it's not simple as saying 'Build a fence and deal with the Mexican problem.' "

Norquist was also one of Jack Abramoff's money launderers, by the way. Read it and weep, sucker. These are the criminals who dupe 'conservatives' time and again as 'conservatives' stupidly applaud their own fleecing. Don't believe me? Read their own e-mails that were made public during the Abramoff hearings/trial. These leading 'Conservatives' refer to the Republican base as Christian 'wackos'.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Petty GOP Criminality in the News Today

Note: If a non-Republican did this, I'm sure it would have been in all of the press. Republicans on the other hand, are ignored. Could it be because it's so common?

1. Pat Robertson speaking about his cocaine using 700 Club Producer (with video!)

2. Federal Judge nominated by Bush busted for DUI, dressed like a woman:

When cops arrived, the paper reported, Somma was wearing a cocktail dress, fishnet stockings, women’s heels and fumbled through a purse for his driver’s license....

He told police he drank two gin and tonics at a Manchester bar. He said he came to New Hampshire because his wife was out of town and nobody knew him in the city, the paper reported.

Rudolph Giuliani, Mayor of 9/11, of course was surrounded with such criminals and holier-than-thou Republicans were predictably mum.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Big Dog: Mistakenly Thinks Regulation = 'Socialism'.

I think Big Dog should avoid discussing anything related to economics primarily because he knows absolutely nothing about it. Decide for yourself though - he accuses Hillary Clinton of wanting to 'take over', among other things, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, credit card companies, etc.:

Hillary and big government are going to take over all these businesses and people and tell them how they have to conduct themselves, how much profit they can make and how much they may charge for their services.

Memo to Big Dog: Regulation does not equal socialism. There is no evidence in your laundry list of Hillary statements that she plans to 'take over all of these businesses.' You simply made a wild and fantastical leap that once again demonstrated your complete lack of understanding of economics. Remember: Regulation does not equal socialism. Write that down so you don't forget!

Even more hilarious was Big Dog's acknowledgement IN THE SAME POST that regulatory agencies (the FDA in particular) help maintain the safety of our food and drugs, among other things. At least they did until Bush put industry lobbyists in charge of the agencies that are supposed to regulate those industries. It's also worth pointing out that these agencies, which are designed to protect investors, enforce mine safety, etc. are almost always created by so-called liberals because liberals try to protect ordinary Americans. Big Dog and his conservative friends, on the other hand, would rather support big business and millionaires. They love having their wealth and tax dollars redistributed to people and entities that are already wealthy. Wingnuts are truly a bunch of suckers. They love getting duped.

Of course, in typical cut-and-running fashion, Big Dog decided not to publish my comment pointing out his confusion over regulation and 'socialism', which is why I had to address the issue here.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Big Dog: Doesn't Understand Why America Does Business with the Saudi Decapitators

Yes, he actually is this stoopid:

I would never let my wife go to one of those filthy places for any reason, business or not.
BD doesn't seem terribly concerned about American female soldiers being stationed in such places! He continues:

First of all I would not want her around all those filthy, smelly, camel jockeys. Second of all I would not take kindly to my wife being treated improperly by these stone aged barbarians. I can’t understand why anyone does business there and certainly cannot understand how people tolerate the backstabbing goat herders they pass off as men.

I guess he forgot - if that's actually possible - that they're the world's largest oil producer and America needs to feed it's oil addiction; therefore we cozy up to fundamentalist monarchs, along with assorted other oil producing dictatorships. I guess Big Dog (who suffers from Clinton Derangement Syndrome and therefore strangely shares the same nickname as Bill Clinton) won't be spurred to actual action and call his representatives demanding the development of alternative sources of energy so that we can stop financing the corrupt Saudi monarchy, which in turn finances the Sunni insurgency in his favorite war. Wait... I know he'll call for drilling in Alaska, which will buy us, oh, 1 year worth of oil maybe. I'm sure he'll also suggest coal plants with voluntary pollution controls - in another community, of course.

But in the end, he's barking at the moon, as usual. He will NEVER address the deep and long-standing business relationships between the Bush family and the Saudi monarchy (and bin Ladens). He won't give up his gas guzzler to stick it to the Saudis. He'll happily give them his money and won't say a word when Bush sells them $20,000,000,000 worth of weapons.

When forced to reconcile his political choices & his lifestyle with the uncomfortable reality that he's funding the decapitators, he'll fall into line and do whatever the hell Bush tells him to do. And he'll be grateful for the disinformation his right wing sources give him.

Big Dog is good sheeple. Racist, too, as the ignorant, sweeping diatribe above demonstrates.