Monday, March 24, 2008

More jumping to ridiculous conclusions by big Dog

This is a perfect glimpse into the mind & logic of a moronic wingnut. As usual, the wingnut in question, big Dog, has chosen not to publish my comment because he's too delicate to be called out on his blog.

You'll note that it's a photo of Hillary Clinton standing in front of a banner that appears to say 'Count' but Hillary blocks the 'o' so it reads C*nt.

big Dog then demonstrates his intellectual laziness by saying the following about the photo:

I do not know if this is real or shopped but if it is real I am absolutely certain the photographer took this angle on purpose.

The amazing thing is that the photograph has a certain truth to it, like it was karma or something…

So, to review, big Dog has no idea if the photo has been photoshopped but proceeds to say that it's amazing that the photo has a certain truth (not humor or offensiveness) to it, like 'it was karma or something'.

Watch his blog for this pattern. He often jumps to such sweeping, invalid conclusions - it's 'karma or something' - in spite of the fact that he's not even sure if the photo (or evidence or data) are authentic.

This probably mirrors the reason he (and his low-IQ commentors) accept Christianity, as well. An analogy would be him getting bitten by a snake and not getting sick. It's not that the snake might not be poisonous - it's that God saved him!


Mr. Natural said...

I just wandered in from a comment you left at the GROUP NEWS BLOG. After reading this, I can see no reason why I would WANT to see who this dum-fuk "big dog" is. Just because one can afford a computer and internet dosen't make one (big dog) smart, eh?

Billy Joe said...

I know. He's a cut-and-running fool. It's sort of a time-wasting hobby of mine to visit various lightly trafficked right wing blogs whose bloggers sit between the neo-conservative wing of the Republican party and Stormfront.

big Dog once ventured over to Sadly, No! and got his ass handed to him. If you have 5 minutes to waste, you might find it hilarious:

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Hannah J said...

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