Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Dog, Republicans would rather rebuild Iraq than America

Notice the howling on the right about how the stimulus bill will supposedly bankrupt us?

Notice how the amounts being discussed for the stimulus package are about as much as has been spent/allocated/wasted/lost in Iraq? Here is one Iraq war cost counter:


This is a pretty conservative figure as it excludes the costs of a lifetime of caring for wounded vets, replacing equipment, eventual withdrawal, etc. In fact, the war, which, according to it's defenders, was the result of 'intelligence mistakes' will almost certainly have costs exceeding at least $1 Trillion. I defy anyone to find any Republican besides Ron Paul who has EVER decried the unending waste of US tax dollars (not to mention lives) in the rudderless Iraq war.

You'll never hear wingnuts & Republicans talk about this though. They'd rather rebuild Iraq than America.

Why don't they do us all a favor and move to Iraq since they love it more than they love America?


Billy Joe said...

Wiener Dog! Come out to Play-yay!

Dinar Guru said...

I think it was a wrong decision of US to take over Iraq. US lost lots of army men and big finance in Iraq...!
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